Monday, June 10, 2013

Joplin Benefit Concert

I decided to put together a benefit concert in Joplin, MO that will benefit the Joplin tornado victims and the tornado victims of Moore, OK. The date is TBA at a later date. It depends on how quickly I can get it together and how many people help. Just to let you know where I am at, I have invited several artists and have gotten a yes from 1 artist so far and waiting to hear back from several others that I have invited to be a part of this. I have a professional sound engineer, but will need production, sound equipment, lighting, a venue in Joplin, MO, vendors and everyone involved needs to be donating something if not everything to the cause. If you would like to help with this project or have any questions, please send me your contact information in the form on the right. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Benefit Concert in Joplin, MO to Benefit the Joplin Habitat for Humanity & Moore, OK

I would like to personally thank the artists that have chosen to give their valuable time for a cause so dear to my heart..Joplin, MO. I hope that we can help some families get back on their feet. It will be a great show! We will also be giving some of the proceeds to benefit Moore, OK as well! ~ Brandy and the JHS Class of 1991

Artists to play at the Benefit Concert

Grant Landis

More to be announced..stay tuned for more info.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Joplin High School Class of 1991 Reunion Plans

This year marks the 20 year reunion for the Joplin High School, class of 1991 . We were all set to celebrate this milestone in our lives.  Planning was underway and dates were being set for a day of golfing and a night of getting together. We would be dancing and catching up, swapping stories of the last 20 years.  In the blink of an eye, our hometown was devastated by an EF5 tornado.  At that moment our class went into action.  We decided there was only one thing we could do.  We had to help rebuild our hometown, Joplin, Missouri.

Instead of the normal reunion we had been planning, the class of 1991 have decided to donate our reunion time to charity organizations to help with the rebuilding of Joplin.  We have also chosen to raise money for 2 charities.  If you would like to help, or have any questions please send an e-mail to  We know this community and we realize that the class of 1991 aren't the only alumni that are looking for a way to help.  In light of that, we would like to encourage all alumni to join us.  We all love Joplin and feel the same sense of attachment to the people and community. Please help us in this great endeavor and remember that every little bit helps. ~ Joplin High School, Class of '91